Scope of Services

CRESD Services

The Centre for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development (CRESD) provides a range of services. These include:

Pre-feasibility Studies
Objective preliminary assessment of the technical, economic, environmental viability of proposed projects on renewable energy and its sustainability.

Techno-Economic Mapping & Financial Analysis and Evaluation
Meticulous techno-economic mapping and diligent financial analysis and evaluation of various programmes, projects & technologies in renewable energy and sustainable development.

Feasibility Study/Detailed Project Report
Preparation of reports/undertaking studies/surveys for assessing technical feasibility, commercial viability, and environmental feasibility of programmes/projects/ and new and emerging technologies. This includes studies on availability of feedstock/raw materials and resource assessment for selection of site.

Research, Conceptualization, Design, Implementation & Monitoring of Programmes & Projects
Intensive R&D initiatives, Conceptualizing and Designing of Programmes/Projects focusing on development through renewable energy and environment initiatives including waste management, effective implementation of such programmes/Projects, and meticulous monitoring of their progress including social and environmental impact assessment.

Policy Planning, Formulating Road maps and Strategy
Providing authentic data and analysis support to policy makers and Government agencies and undertaking in-depth studies for the Governments and other stakeholders for crafting effective policies, evolving road maps and long-term strategies for accessible and affordable energy for sustainable development.

Standards, Specifications, and Quality Assurance & Control
Study, examine and offer specific suggestions and guidelines for standards, specifications, and various aspects of quality assurance of existing and new technologies.

Energy Efficiency, Energy Auditing, and Green Building
Studying and promoting energy efficiency policy and technology in buildings, appliances, transport, and industry, as well as end-use applications such as lighting. We identify the best-practices, highlighting the opportunities for energy efficiency improvements in various sectors, by incorporating appropriate design interventions, lighting, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems.

Sustainable development: Bio-diversity, Climate Change, Clean Development Mechanism(CDM)
Biodiversity is essential for sustainable development and human well-being. Hence to build capacity, ensure and encourage responsible behavior to protect, conserve, nurture, and sustainably use bio resources. This domain also includes Impact assessment of greenhouse initiates for CDM gas emissions, Climate change mitigation policies and Project Development.

Information dissemination & Advocacy
It is also dedicated to create contextualized knowledge base and public awareness on renewable energy, efficiency, entrepreneurship, and innovations, in collaboration with local, national, and international organizations. Organize workshops, seminars, orientations, training events, outreach programs and information and education campaigns on renewable energy and sustainable development to influence policies, informed decision making and consumer behavior.

Skill Building & Sustainable Livelihood
The gaps in skill development in renewable energy are evident. To build capacities in this sector is imperative. CRESD  is committed to bridge this gap in skill acquisition and application. It is also dedicated towards enhancing livelihood through new technologies, bridging gaps in education, well-being and livelihoods, encouraging micro, medium and large scale green energy initiatives more so at the grass root level, and facilitating/implementing livelihood strategies that promote inclusive development