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wind energy

A wind turbine is a rotating machine which captures the power from the wind by means of aerodynamically designed blades and converts it to a rotating mechanical power. Mechanical power is then transferred to generator to produce electricity. The entire wind power station thus consists of a wind energy converter (rotor), a mechanical gear and a generator.

Wind has emerged as the most promising renewable energy source in India. As of 31st May 2014 (MNRE), the country has had an installed wind capacity of 21,262 MW, making it the world’s fifth largest wind energy producer after China, The US, Germany and Spain.

Wind capacity in India is generated entirely from on-shore projects. The Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET) has revised the estimated on-shore wind energy potential of the country from 49.1 GW (at 50 meter hub-height) to 102.8 GW (at 80 meter hub-height). While the estimated potential is concentrated in Gujarat, installations are led by Tamil Nadu, followed by Gujarat and Maharashtra (E &Y, 2013). However, there is a significant potential in other regions which is waiting to be tapped. Innovative approaches such as wind-diesel and wind- solar hybrid systems are being used to enhance the availability of power and utilize the full potential of this renewable energy source.


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