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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is the imperative of 21st century. Long term actions for sustainable development are required in the face of environmental issues that we are confronted with. Renewable Energy remains the one of the most productive routes that can be taken towards achieving this. Renewable Energy can contribute directly towards overall improvement of living standards of people and can also help maintain ecological balance, replace conventional energy use and generate additional employment opportunities. To move on the path of sustainable development in India, the challenge is to integrate environmental issues with development strategies.

At Centre for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development (CRESD, Vikalp), we endeavour to nurture our processes, in spirit and action, to aim towards sustainable development. To chart a sustainable path that is inclusive, equitable and participitative, we hope to join hands with our citizens, government, academia, researchers, credible institutes and organizations, national and international agencies and civil society organizations.

While research remains one significant tool to achieve this objective, designing and implementing replicable service delivery models of sustainable development that emphasize cross sectoral linkages and are inclusive, equitable and participatory, is the other significant route to achieve this objective. Our objectives will include: promoting sustainable livelihoods, environmental education, mitigating climate change impacts, promoting indigenous technology for sustainable development, strengthening the voice of the consumer and strengthening cross sectoral linkages to establish development as inclusive development for all.


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