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Innovative Renewable & Alternate Energy Consulting Solutions


Published Books
book1 Food Security and Global Economy
- By Avanish K. Tiwari & J. Nair, Pentagon Energy Press, New Delhi, August 2008

Materials and processes for energy: communicating current research and technological developments
- By A. Mendez-Vilas, Formatex Research Center, Spain, Energy Book Series, August 2013

Chapter Hydrogen, Value Chain and Its Challenges as Future Fuel. Contributed by Dr. Avanish K Tiwari et al.

Published Papers
Energy ScienceDirect ELSEWVIER The effect of binary antioxidant proportions on antioxidant synergy and oxidation stability of Jatropha and Karanja biodiesels
IJPSR2015 Cost effective and economic method for cultivation of Chlorella pyrenoidosa for the simultaneous treatment of biogas digester wastewater and biogas production
JECE Simulation and Experimental Study of a Closed Model for Algae Based Biogas Production and Bioremediation of Waste Water

Exploration of 3rd generation biofuel feedstock for the continuous production of bio-methane under outdoor conditions

AKSHAY URJA, JUNE 2015 Sustainability of Third Generation Feedstock for Continous Production of Biomethane under Outdoor Conditions.
RSER ScienceDirect ELSEWVIER Hydrogen:A sustainable fuel for future of the transport sector
RESE-2015 A Technical and Economic Analysis for Biomass and Biomethane Potential of Chlorella Pyrenoidosa in Outdoor Conditions using Anaerobic Digester Slurry as Growth Medium: Rohit Sharma & Dr. Avanish K Tiwari accepted for Presentation in International Conference Renewable Energy and Sustainable Environment RESE-2015-Jointly organized by MCET and Cape Breton University (CBU) Sydney Nova Scotia Canada at pollachi, T.N. and to be published in IEEE


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