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Small Hydro

Hydropower projects of upto 25 MW capacity, in India are classified as small hydro-power (SHP) projects. The GOI created a data base of potential sites for SHP Projects, and identified 6,474 sites with an aggregate capacity of 19,749 MW. The cumulative installed capacity (MW) of grid interactive SHP was 3,803.5 MW, as on 31st May 2014 (MNRE).

In hilly, remote and isolated areas, with very low load densities, Small hydro has the potential to meet power requirements. MNRE has taken a decision that out of the total grid interactive power generation capacity that is being installed, 2% should come from small hydro. This translates into about 2,100 MW capacity addition during 2012-2017. MNRE is specifically focusing on promoting use of new designs of water mills for mechanical and electrical electricity generation and on setting up of micro hydel projects.


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