‘Vikalp’ stands for ‘alternative’ and ‘Nai Dishayen’ symbolises
hope, purpose and continuity

Vikalp (Nai Dishayen) envisions a society that places value
and promotes equal opportunity 

for development of all human beings

Our Mission is to promote ideas and nurture initiatives
that foster inclusive development

through innovative, accessible, and sustainable solutions


A global enabling environment is an absolute prerequisite for stimulating overall growth in developing countries and countries with economies in transition. At VIKALP, we prioritize ‘sustainable development’, “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. We believe that any initiative for sustainable development, in spirit and action, places value in equal opportunity for all. It places value in being inclusive, accessible, empowering, and being accountable.

The two arms of the Organization are:

Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development and
Centre for Mental Health and Development



Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development

Energy is Enabling. Energy is decisive for development. Energy is significantly linked to the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, environmental, and social. Energy services are obviously essential to economic and social development of a society.
We at VIKALP have created Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development (CRESD). CRESD’s endeavour is to promote accessible, affordable, and sustainable energy for all. We strive to create enabling environments that empower people through clean and green energy initiatives. We work towards this by developing, implementing, operating, maintaining, monitoring and evaluation of programs, policy formulation, advocacy, research and development initiatives.

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Centre for Mental Health and Development

At Vikalp, we believe that mental health and sustainable development are interdependent. We acknowledge that mainstreaming of mental health issues is an integral part of any strategy for sustainable development. Vikalp works on issues of mental health and well-being in the community.

We at Vikalp, believe that people with mental illness are “people” first. We acknowledge that discrimination against any person, based on mental illness and disability is a violation of the inherent dignity of the person. We acknowledge mental health as a human right. We strive towards creating environments that are enabling and empowering and strengthen the voice of the consumer of the service.

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